Sam Buckingham

Public Speaking for Corporations

Communication skills are rated as the #1 most important leadership skill.

This includes interpersonal communications skills as well as leadership communication.

Delivering clear, targeted and impactful messages when it matters most is the crux of great leadership.

Engaging Sam’s stewardship of company and business communications is to safeguard every interaction the organisation has with its clients, team and the board. Sam can help you to:

  • Communicate your company values in times of crisis
  • Clarify the company position through a pivot
  • Deliver powerful spoken directives
  • Craft compelling messages
  • Manage company reputation through change.

Equip your team with communications skills and the confidence to use them!

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Sam Buckingham
Sam Buckingham

Lunch and Learn

Fast, effective and impactful trainings for the entire team delivered in your workplace or online.

Get ready to create lasting change in your teams confidence and morale as they embrace this interactive and fun style of learning!

1/2 day and full day training on public speaking skills, communication skills and branded company narrative also available.

Sam Buckingham

Executive Leadership

Communication skills = confidence for leaders.

Executive presence is an essential part of being seen as a leader within your organisation.

CEO’s, Executives and Senior Managers are all positions of leadership and require extraordinary communication skills if they are to bring teams together to achieve extraordinary goals.

No matter what kind of conversation your leaders are having, from a Monday morning briefing, presenting at an AGM or motivating a new project team, the confidence, energy and connection you bring to the room will determine the success of the message and commitment to it.

Sam Buckingham

Guest Speaker

Allow Sam to engage, inspire and delight your team as the guest speaker at your event.

She will dazzle you with fun facts about tonsils and teeth and their role in speaking; surprise you with studies on how sound is created in the solar plexus and blow your mind with the science behind the human voice.

Without such knowledge you might continue to operate in a world oblivious to the impact you make on others with your casual “hello” at the water cooler!

Sam is passionate about words, phrases and clear communication. She will enthral at all levels.

Sam Buckingham