Sam Buckingham
Sam Buckingham

Corporate Communications Consulting

Delivering clear, targeted and impactful messages when it matters most is the crux of great leadership.

Engaging Sam’s stewardship of company and business communications is to safeguard every interaction the organisation has with its clients, team and the board. Sam can help you to:

  • Communicate your company values in times of crisis
  • Clarify the company position through a pivot
  • Deliver powerful spoken directives
  • Craft compelling messages
  • Manage company reputation through change.
Sam Buckingham

In-house or Conference Presentations

Sam Buckingham

The psychology of conversation

No matter what situation the people on your team find themselves in, do you know how well they represent their brand?

The Psychology of Conversation is for companies and teams who need to confidently represent your corporate brand – no matter who they are speaking to or why.

Sam delves into the techniques and triggers we subconsciously use to connect with people to help your team represent your brand with confidence, consistency and integrity.

Develop your team’s conversation and communications skills so they represent your brand “on brand” – with uniformity in messaging and values for a consistent company-wide narrative

In this ½ day workshop Sam will:

  • Embed your brand message for the whole team
  • Show you how to conduct person-to-person conversations that don’t suck
  • Show you how to read and project body and energy language
  • Deepen your emotional understanding of your brand message
  • Strengthen your brand reputation with every single conversation, internally and externally.
  • Marry conversation styles to exemplify your brand ethos
  • Teach you how to craft powerful internal and external messages
Sam Buckingham

Speakers Power

Communication confidence for leaders.

Executive presence is an essential part of being seen as a leader within your organisation.

CEO’s, Executives and Senior Managers are all positions of leadership and require extraordinary communication skills if they are to bring teams together to achieve extraordinary goals.

No matter what kind of conversation your leaders are having, from a Monday morning briefing, presenting at an AGM or motivating a new project team, the confidence, energy and connection you bring to the room will determine the success of the message and commitment to it.

Sam will show you how to:

  • Embody a commanding presence
  • Build rapport and connection with every single person in the room
  • Say more with less by mastering effective speechcraft techniques
  • Use non-verbal communication to enhance your message and impact
  • Be the focus, no matter who else is in the room
  • Maintain confidence no matter what happens
  • Guarantee your message has been understood and will be remembered.
Sam Buckingham

Bespoke programmes

For specific corporate brand integrity, executive presentation or team communication needs please contact Sam to discuss.

Sam Buckingham