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Speak With Confidence

“I hate the sound of my voice”

“I’ll make a fool of myself” 

“I am not …. (interesting enough, experienced, qualified, suitable etc…)


Negative self talk kills speaking confidence. You see, speaking with confidence is more about how you feel and what you think about yourself as you speak than actually about what you are saying and how you speak.

And these impressions are reflected in your voice!

Negative impressions you have of yourself scream louder than anything you say …

Are you ready to set yourself free from limiting beliefs and old programming that has held you back? Isn’t it time you stepped into the whole, complete and fully magnetic version of yourself?

I can help you find your voice, speak with strength, soul and grace and finally believe in the power of YOU!

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Speak from stage

Maybe you don’t like the sound of your voice. Or you don’t like how you come across on camera or on the stage.

Or perhaps you believe you’re boring and don’t have anything interesting to say

Like many of my clients, you may:

  • Feel awkward (or think you sound awkward when you speak)
  • Listen to that negative voice inside your head which says “you’re not good enough” 
  • Lose your power and ‘weird out’ when you go to open your mouth

Struggle to put your finger on WHY you don’t hold your power when you speak but you just feel frightened or strange every time you step up to do it!

I can help you:

  • Speak from your heart and soul
  • Get crystal clear on your message
  • Deliver it with inner confidence and pure passion
  • Write (and nail) your TEDx-style talk or keynote speech
  • Show up on video with confidence and ease
  • Change your experience of public speaking forever
  • Create the impact on your audience you desire
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Are you ready to tap into your voice, write your talk, master public speaking and discover your highest potential?

Let’s dive deep into your big, bold message, elevate your prestige, harness the power of your voice and become the force of nature you are meant to be.

You can do it. You can stand up, speak from the heart and be that person you dream of being.


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Sam Buckingham Speaking Coach

You have something to say

I know you.

You are smart, savvy, soulful and wise.

You have a big heart, big dreams and a big, bold vision.

You want to make a difference in this world and you’ve got something important to say. You have a voice and it matters.

But for so long, you haven’t felt heard. You’ve been too afraid to want what you want and be who you truly are.

Maybe you’re supremely shy or nail-bitingly nervous or anxious about what it means to use your voice and speak up.

You’re due to give a mind-blowing keynote speech to an audience of hundreds but the words just won’t come.

Sam Buckingham

Create moments.

You want to create those soul-stirring moments when you speak but you’re afraid that you need to be the ‘loudest’ and ‘grandest’ speaker out there in order to impress.

And you can’t stand that brash, over-the-top style of professional speaking and ‘boardroom bravado’ which feels like a ‘fake’ performance.

You want to light up the room with your powerful presence.

You want to inspire, influence and motivate your audience to action.

You want to build an extraordinary brand that people adore.

To do that, you need to step up. Speak out. Get on video. Be visible. And use the power of your voice.

To stand up on stage or wow your crowd online, you not only need the technical skills and tools to master your unique voice. You need to connect with your true message and speak from the heart and soul.

Which is where I come in.


Sam Buckingham

Speaking is an inner job not an outward performance. It is a journey of diving into your deeper self where passion and doubt toss around in tumultuous seas. Be present, listen to your heart and connect deeply with your true message. Speak from that place.

Sam Buckingham

What our clients say.

Sam Buckingham