Coaching with Sam has created a major shift in my presentation and writing ability. Her very first lesson opened my eyes to how I’ve limited my communication and expression all my life. Understanding the importance of not only content, but of the emotion, delivery and connection I create, has had a lasting effect on me. Her expertise and teaching ability around writing and literary techniques also lifted the quality of my script and copy writing dramatically – and has made my process of writing more enjoyable – adding more colour, clarity and conviction to my message.

I was impressed with Sam’s clever, on-the-spot input that related directly to my subject matter.

I’m grateful that I discovered Sam and that I didn’t go ahead, down the same old path, trying to work this out myself. She has inspired me, energised me, and given me confidence to present in a more concise, passionate and effective way in both my personal and professional life.

Sam Buckingham
Kirsten HornerRapid Mindshift Project